ADHD can be a beast, but fear is even worse.

I haven’t posted any updates in some time now. Really, there has been little to post about.

I have been busy with other things, mostly scatterbrained and unfocused. Recently I have had an idea for a T-shirt design that I feel needs to be done soon if it will sell at all, and so I have been plotting this week to start a simple real-world test using a design and campaign that wouldn’t be linked into the rest of OWC’s sites. It would stand alone, and server as a litmus test of what would become the underlying FaceBook ad / Teespring money machine to my entire operation.

I am currently month 7 into my 5 year plan. And I am scared that I will have to take everything back to the drawing board if this fails to pan out.

But if I don’t do it, I will be building the rest of the machine without this experiential knowledge – for as much as I can read about and research others’ success and failures, it isn’t until I have put my money, time, and sweat into it myself that I can truly come away with a real understanding and appreciation for this system.

If this pans out, then I can probably ride it out until September, and my planned full launch of OWC and selling T-shirts should be no problem. Failure here means an education, a reality check into the side wall that will likely leave me stunned but determined to find some other path to completing the 5 year goal.