Post July Booths Update…

Hey everyone who may come across this,

I survived. I did the North Ogden Cherry Days dressed up like Uncle Sam and sold a few of my guitars, and I did the Pleasant Grove July SummerBration and sold two more..

They were both brutal – didn’t meet anything near my goals for sales, I’m not used to being outside in the heat like that, and so much else. They were fun though, and I met some interesting folks and generally seems people think I am doing something good, something awesome.. Just apparently not necessarily something they want to buy into.

The business side still eludes me as my craftmanship has been confirmed. I make good stuff. The instruments play well, they sound nice, and they look ‘cute’ or ‘awesome’ or ‘great’.

I’ll figure the rest of the business stuff all out eventually, I suppose. Even being broke, I am still having a blast and I still have some faith I am onto something, bringing some small bit of wonder into the world.

So in that vein, I really do need to get on with keeping up with updates to this site, the facebook stuff, youtube videos, everything. Get the word out, this is what i do, its fun, you can do it too, lets make music together.

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