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Talk about March Madness!

So, I was making guitars and canjos and things.. but due to some issues with lack of workspace and such, I have spent the past month selling stuff on eBay and getting into making handmade soap – hoping to be in production selling soap on Ebay and Etsy within a few weeks, already have two recipes mostly sorted out and just working out the kinks in the process.

1st batch testing coffee scented soap with coffee grounds as exfoliant.
1st batch testing coffee scented soap with coffee grounds as exfoliant.

Still slow…

Not sure what is going on with my sleep habits, but I have not made much progress at all on building product for OWC – I am upset. I am getting almost angry with myself, as time slips by and excuses mount.

In the end, what matters is what was accomplished, what was overcome. The excuses only fade away, leaving what-if’s, could’ve’s, and thoughts how issues could have been mitigated.

Trying to stay cool…

2018 off to slow start so far…

Dear whomever reads this, including future me –

I had planned various work the past week and failed miserably to keep up with good sleep habits let alone do the work planned. I do not have any external deadlines and I have not taken any payments in advance so at least I am only disappointing myself, but it is still disappointing to be in this position.

I know I should be kind to myself, but I also need to remain firm, stick to the work and just make it happen. Its only been a week into this new year, I only started building instruments six months ago, only decided I’d do it as a business about 4 months ago now.

But I have wanted financial independence and personal success for a long time. I came up with the name OneWithCoolness and the original logo back in 7th grade, and despite never making any sales under this banner, I have always felt it was the way… Even when I forgot it, pushed it to the back of my mind and just worked whatever jobs and lived life.

But now is the time, I think. It is about time, and so I end this confession with resolve – I will get things done, I may even get some sold this month. I will put forth the effort and I will reap accordingly.

And I will look back at this slow start and only see a few bumbling steps on the much longer path.



Finally Getting this going? Again?

Hello All,

Today is the 16th of October, 2017. Over the past summer I have been delighted to find such enjoyment in building and playing my own little guitar that I just want to expand on that and build and play all sorts of things.

Being at least somewhat practical, I am also looking to sell some of the guitars and other instruments I will build, perhaps I will be able to move on from my day job in a year or three? It would be a tall order, they pay and treat me very well but I really do just want to design and create and play and build.

Well, Just getting the old website into shape. Good things to come soon.

ADHD can be a beast, but fear is even worse.

I haven’t posted any updates in some time now. Really, there has been little to post about.

I have been busy with other things, mostly scatterbrained and unfocused. Recently I have had an idea for a T-shirt design that I feel needs to be done soon if it will sell at all, and so I have been plotting this week to start a simple real-world test using a design and campaign that wouldn’t be linked into the rest of OWC’s sites. It would stand alone, and server as a litmus test of what would become the underlying FaceBook ad / Teespring money machine to my entire operation.

I am currently month 7 into my 5 year plan. And I am scared that I will have to take everything back to the drawing board if this fails to pan out.

But if I don’t do it, I will be building the rest of the machine without this experiential knowledge – for as much as I can read about and research others’ success and failures, it isn’t until I have put my money, time, and sweat into it myself that I can truly come away with a real understanding and appreciation for this system.

If this pans out, then I can probably ride it out until September, and my planned full launch of OWC and selling T-shirts should be no problem. Failure here means an education, a reality check into the side wall that will likely leave me stunned but determined to find some other path to completing the 5 year goal.

Its almost like coming back to the half-built set of a movie that was never made

It has been a long while since I wrote, even if this is only for myself still.

I filed bankruptcy early march, and with that put most of the launching stuff into 2016Q4 – I simply can’t get the funding and bank accounts before my bankruptcy is discharged, along with the 180 day rule following the bankruptcy. I want this to be a clean, fresh start.

So I dallied. I had gotten caught up and anxious with filing my bankruptcy, and somewhere in late March we had an internet outage here at the house, and my webserver went pear-shaped and needed to be rebooted. Except, rather than reboot it, I had turned it off. I only barely turned it on this past Saturday.

No new designs were made in that time the webserver was down. Even with the site so unknown and even set in maintenance mode, there is a certain inertia that will keep one going if there is some little thing sitting there in the corner nagging you on, whispering of what could be, telling you to follow the paths you have set, to commit finally to some method of contentment in life, of even happiness in the moments.

This weekend has been odd. I booted the webserver as I thought I’d needed it to switch my email over to Google Apps, but I hadn’t. I left it on as it looked to be running right, and was pleased the next morning to see it had uploaded a backup to dropbox, as per schedule. Everything on it is working as it was – which shouldn’t surprise anyone, it was only turned off and left alone for 2 months.

I have been anxious in some way since I turned it on though. I have dived back into graphics design, into making art, if not for the tee shirts and what-nots I would hope to sell, then at least the images are for myself. I have trouble closing my eyes to sleep without seeing fantastic symbolism, without contemplating some further avenue of subject matter I could depict or how I might execute such a depiction.

I could not say for sure that it was all due to booting the webserver again, but I will say that just having this space for me to think and write has pushed me back onto this little blog.

Maybe someday this will help someone stay on track. If nothing else though, I have my little thing in the corner taunting me with what I have set as goals for myself. It is the machine I built so I could begin construction of the larger machines that will “feed the machine” – which will put me in financial independence and essential retirement.

Perils of easy credit

I actually winced when I looked at my bank account today. One of the payday loan places that I had borrowed money from (yes – just 1 of them) had resubmitted a check for payment after I had paid my bank account’s overages off with my tax return.

Oh! The folly! I should have first went for my bankruptcy before I had placed my money in such a position, but I had thought the dust had settled, as it has been nearly a month since I had reached the point I could no longer service such debts honorably.

The lesson here isn’t about getting one over those businesses that exist to provide quick and easy and expensive loans of small sums. The lesson here is to avoid them at all.

Whether it is a pay day loan, a title loan, a store card, credit card, 2nd mortgage, equity line of credit … One must keep in mind always that credit is a tool, and should be used wisely. The best credit is used to purchase and further assets – a mortgage on a property for your business might be good if it increases revenue enough to cover itself. Or using a credit card to buy raw materials in order to produce products. The next best use of credit is for emergencies – in order to keep the day-to-day things going, to cover an accident, etc.


The time to walk away from any credit, though, is when it would be used to further luxury items that could not otherwise be afforded, or to further situations that are not practical.

My current payday loan situation started over a year ago as I was left stranded in an apartment after my room mates had left and the new room mates failed to work out. It would have been wiser to pack it up, rent a storage facility or sell furniture, and couch surf for those few months… But instead I pulled from one payday place, then another, and so forth.. And even after last years tax refund had paid most of it off, some were allowed to fester, and lead to an overly expensive Christmas 2015 and now financial ruin in 2016.

This mess is holding up funding for my designs. OWC is frozen waiting on that bankruptcy, which is now postponed by a simple blunder.


So beware the daemons you summon up to serve you, for you may end up serving them instead.


-Br Francis

The Grand Design

Some would call me mad. For the record, I am not even upset.

The grand design of OWC follows first from a simple idea – we all have needs in this life, especially a need of wealth/money/income/resources, and we will serve those needs until we build machines that serve them for us.

I have enjoyed the past 4.5 years in my current employment as a Level 1 Technical Support Engineer, but I have found both the requirements of the schedule to be crushing and the tasks of the job to be misaligned with my passions. I do thrive on assisting customers, but I also crave artistic and creative work.

The grand design is not so big – the plan is to create designs for T-shirts, posters, etc. and make them available via TeeSpring, DeviantArt, CafePress, etc.. Advertising my products on Facebook, Google, so forth. I only will have a few hundred dollars this year to put into these plans, as I am soon to enter bankruptcy to clear up bad debt, mostly payday loans.

But this is the start of my machine. I hope to replace punching this Tech Support clock with punching my own design clock, and then to replace the time clock entirely with – freedom. Retirement.

It would not mean the end of work, of making money by the sweat of my brow and the skills of my hands. It would only mean control end-to-end of the effort I make and the work I produce. Control of when I get up, what obligations I make for myself.

I want more time for my son. I want more children. I want to see new places and learn new things.

So this is my design for my machine. Maybe it will work, maybe it will fail. In either case I can learn and grow and build.

-Br Francis